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Tired of fighting mosquitoes in your theater ? TPC is proud to give home and business guests popular and effective mosquito controller druthers so you can enjoy the greatoutdoors.However, or just like to sit back and enjoy your field, TPC will be sure you can do so without pesky mosquitoes enlightening you every step of the way, If you have faves or children. As a professional out-of-door pest control service provider, TPC provides a assortment of mosquito control results,

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Mosquitoes would be the deadliest brutes on earth. With just one bite, they could spread dangerous conditions like West Nile contagion, malaria, and heartworm. destroy our time outside. Do not let your loved bones be exposed to the pitfalls of ticks or mosquitoes. Call the pest control professionals atTPC.TPC’s trained and certified technicians have defended,000 homes nationwide from mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Our personal defensive hedge remedy is microencapsulated and eliminates,590 percent of crack and mosquito populations on your property. Our platoon looks forward to guarding homes across the country from the pitfalls and vexations of blood- stinking pests. communicate us now for a free quotation to restore your theater . 100 satisfaction guaranteed!

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Your absolute satisfaction is precious to us. If you are not completely happy with your mosquito control
or misting system, contact our TPC office, and we will fix it!

Types Of Mosquito Control Service

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Let's Make The Malaria More

Since 1995, TPC’s sweats have been ambulated up to advance the battle against malaria. Whenever we contribute a portion of our gains to Malaria No More, we save lives by promoting action in Bangladesh to insure accuratetimely, and wide dispatches that help educate academy children and communities, the net dispensations and fair use see.

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Call us, and our nearest representative will contact you.  We offer fast and personalized attention


We will evaluate your pest problem, make an inspection if necessary, and give you a budget and recommendations. We will both agree on the time of the visit


Our legal technicians will exercise the right treatment We’ll agree at the time of the treatment We’ll use threat-loose remedy for faves and children. So you don’t must sweat roughly your kiddies. We’ll oils in a completely threat-loose manner.


To ensure that the problem is effectively resolved, we agree on the necessary services and prevention recommendations to prevent it from reoccurring

Have A Look At The Variety Of Tick, Mosquito, Flea And Other Outdoor Pest Management Alternatives We Provide:

Barrier Spray Treatment

This is undoubtedly the best treatment we offer! Every 21 days, a trained TPC technician will come and attend to your lawn, taking care to target both the perimeter and foliage, as well as any other areas where mosquitoes may be present. In addition, your property will be ready 30 minutes after the show!

Natural Mosquito Control

Our typical treatment options instantly repel mosquitoes and make effective use of our traditional barrier treatment. Alternatives range from organic garlic to botanicals made from natural vegetable oils with cycles of 14 to 21 days to maintain accurate and effective pest control.

Flea Control

Many people know the typical annoyance of dogs, cats and sometimes even humans by fleas. What many don’t realize is that fleas, like ticks and mosquitoes, transmit diseases. preventive. Our barrier sprays kill and deter fleas and ticks, so let TPC serve as your main line of defense against these disease-carrying pests.

Misting Systems

It’s no secret that pests and mosquitoes thrive in certain areas of Bangladesh. In certain scenarios, a more permanent solution is the way to go for you! Our automatic misting system is ideal for maintaining your patio, pool, living room or any other outdoor space. without biting

Special Event Treatments

Whether you are hosting a prom, wedding, outdoor birthday party, or want to invite your friends and family to a BBQ, TPC will be customized. Mosquitoes are not on your guest list! Call us before your event and we will make your lawn mosquito-free for you and your companions.

Commercial Services

The last thing you need to run your business is customers saying, “Everything was fine, but the mosquitoes were so bad I couldn’t even appreciate my experience.” For commercial properties with outdoor spaces, eliminating mosquitoes can save the business support financially. to ensure the comfort and safety of customers.